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We’re currently working on updating our gallery with screen captures from Lily’s most recent projects and today is Okja day! Lily plays Red in the movie, which first debuted at Cannes Film Festival (May 19) before its worldwide debut on Netflix (June 28). The movie tells the story of a young girl, Mija, who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend– a fascinating animal named Okja. It’s a very good movie, it surely teaches us a lesson regarding food industry and more. If you haven’t watch the movie yet, we strongly advice you to!

Screen captures from the movie and a couple of featurettes released by Netflix have been added to our gallery!

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Hello Lilyians! Our gallery has been updated with promotional photos, stills and screencaptures from Rules Don’t Apply, the 2016 Warren Beatty movie where Lily plays Marla Mabrey. The movie was nominated for quite a few awards, Lily being nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical at the 74th Golden Globe Awards for her role in the movie!

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Hello Lilyians! As you might know, all episodes of The Last Tycoon are now avaliable on Amazon Prime Video! We have added to our gallery high definition screencaptures from the second episode, titled “Nobody Recasts Like Monroe”. We have also replaced the screencaptures that were already in our gallery from the first episode with better quality ones!

We decided to not upload to our gallery screencaptures from all the episodes at once, due to the fact many don’t have the chance to binge watch the show and as we know, screencaptures might reveal huge spoilers. That said, each week we’ll add screencaptures from one episode of the show. Next week, it will be episode 3.

NOBODY RECASTS LIKE MONROE — Monroe’s personal life heats up as he pursues the beautiful Kathleen, who pushes against the idea of being a replacement for Minna. Pat Brady’s pet project has a devastating debut, forcing him to accept Monroe’s help. Celia gets cozy in her role as producer, so Hackett takes it upon himself to give her an education.

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Lily is featured in the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, where she speaks about To The Bone which is out on Netflix in case you didn’t get to watch it yet. Thanks to my friend Claudia from i’ve added scans to our gallery!


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Hello Lilyians! Lily attended yesterday the Premiere Of Amazon Studios’ The Last Tycoon in Los Angeles! She looked absolutely beautiful in a red Reem Acra dress, don’t you guys think? Over 400 photos from the premiere and after party of Amazon series (which is NOW out on Amazon Prime Video!) can be found in our gallery, and bellow you can also find some interviews Lily gave at the special event!

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There is no denial that Lily is killing it with her fashion choices, and so is Cecelia Brady– The character she plays in Amazon’s The Last Tycoon, set to debut July 28 on Amazon Prime Video. Teaming up with Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant, the duo chats with WWD about Cecelia’s thirties-era look!

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Lily Collins had it easier than most imagining what life would be like for an ambitious scion of a showbiz family navigating the professional, personal and gender politics of Thirties Hollywood. In her new Amazon series “The Last Tycoon,” loosely based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel, she’s never far from the storied history that pervaded her youth.

Along with being a second generation star, the daughter of pop icon Phil Collins has been time-traveling to Tinseltown’s Golden Age since she was a kid, her mother Jill has long been involved in preserving, restoring and showcasing historical sites in the Hollywood region, including Beverly Hills’ grand 90-year-old Greystone Mansion, which serves as her character Celia Brady’s family home.

“I grew up spending a lot of time there; I used to run around the hallways doing homework and watching people in the house,” Collins laughs. “So now it’s like it’s gone full circle.”

Collins chatted with WWD just before shooting a scene set during the 1937 Academy Awards ceremony — in the same Biltmore hotel ballroom where those actual Oscars were presented. “It plays with your mind,” she says. “You look around and everyone’s spotlessly perfect of-the-period, and you really forget that you have a cell phone waiting for you at your chair.”

Chief among the series’ extravagant effects is the lavish wardrobe concocted by costume designer Janie Bryant. “Celia’s the fashionista, really, of this show, and Janie gets to throw lots of different things on me,” Collins says. “My Oscar dress is pretty amazing. It’s a lilac silk tiered number in the back with this amazing sequined capelet.”

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Lily is featured in the latest episode of Vanity Fair’s podcast “In the Limelight” where she speaks about her very busy year, working with her The Last Tycoon co-stars Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer, the feedback she has gotten from To The Bone, career goals, role models and so much more. You can listen to the podcast bellow (Lily’s interview starts at 24:45)!

Lily Collins is having a very busy 2017. The actress released her memoir—Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me—in the spring. And this summer, two of her films—Okja and To the Bone—have hit Netflix. Collins also has a new show debuting this week—her first television series role—with Amazon’s gorgeous The Last Tycoon, set in 1930s Hollywood, also starring Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer.

For this week’s episode of Vanity Fair’s “In The Limelight,” co-host Josh Duboff sat down with Collins—daughter of Phil—in New York to discuss her busy year. The actress spills on what it was like to act opposite Bomer (“He’s just absolutely beautiful—in the 1930s or 2017”) and have Grammer play her dad (“He called me ‘kiddo’ from day one”) in Tycoon. She also discusses the feedback and response she has come across in response to To the Bone, in which Collins plays a woman struggling with a severe eating disorder (“It’s been incredible to see the amount of young people coming out and sharing their stories”).

Collins also shared on a variety of other topics and co-stars.

On her career goals: I have a list of things I’d like to do. That includes work as well as travel, as well as just life in general. Would love to do a flat-out comedy. Love Paul Feig. Would love to do a British sweeping period drama, a la a Joe Wright situation… Would love to have kids. Would love to go travel to Thailand and stay in a treehouse. I’d love to learn how to bake better…

On her acting role models: Audrey Hepburn. Obvious, but Meryl Streep. It’s about the longevity of their careers. Natalie Portman. Cate Blanchett. Love Penélope Cruz. And all these women are mothers. And what I love is that they are proof that you can do both, that you can have both. You can have a career, and do what you do, and then have your family as well.

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Have you ever wondered about Lily’s routine? Yes? No? Harper’s Bazaar recently spent a day with Lily and on their newest publication, they reveal what she is up to at a certain time of the day. A very interesting article, that helps us get to know Lily even more than we already know, and you can read it bellow!

8:00 A.M. I usually wake up at 8, but I’m shooting a show now and some of my call times have been 5 or 5:30, so I’ve had to try to become a morning person. I like setting an upbeat song as my alarm, but I have to constantly change it so I don’t start hating it. Right now I like the Chainsmokers, Drake, and Banks—I went to high school with her! I check social media to see what my friends around the world have been up to. Instagram is my main thing; it’s where I’ve had such a huge interaction with young girls, which really inspired me to write my book, Unfiltered. And then I have to read every e-mail in my in-box. I can’t leave anything unopened. That number next to the mail icon is very unsettling to me. It has to be zero.

8:10 A.M. I’m normally still half asleep when I get out of bed, so I immediately splash cold water on my face. I’ve learned a lot of my morning routine from working with Lancôme. I really like their Énergie de Vie products—the cleanser, the serum, and the cream. If I’m going straight to hair and makeup, I don’t spend at lot of time getting ready, but even when I’m not working I’m pretty basic. I just try to enhance what’s already there. I always feel like the less there is on my face, the less there is to go wrong. I’ll put on a light foundation with a little bit of blush—I don’t wear bronzer—and lip balm, with maybe a dab of nude Lancôme lipstick or concealer. I let my hair do whatever it wants, especially since I usually have it all done up or wear a wig for the show. I’ve learned a lot of tricks over the years, but I tend to save them for a night out or an audition.

8:30 A.M. I’ll go into my kitchen and have a glass of water with lemon to kick-start my system, and make oatmeal in a pot and have it with fruit.That really energizes me and fills me up. While the oatmeal starts to cook and do its thing, I get dressed. If I’m working and it’s super early, I don’t care what I’m wearing, so I’ll throw on jeans or sweatpants before getting in my Range Rover and driving to the set. Otherwise I’m going to work out and I’ll wear clothes that I want to sweat in. I’m not going to dress up to go to the gym.

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