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Lily was recently put to test on her design and architecture knowledge by Architectural Digest‘s Derek Blasberg! You can watch the video under the cut (it autoplays), as well read a small article published on the website where she opens up about the transformation she went through for To The Bone.

Lily Collins has played a demon hunter, Snow White, and the daughter of Sandra Bullock (complete with a Texan accent), but viewers will get to see the bushy-browed beauty in a role that hits much closer to home on July 14. Collins appears as Ellen in the Netflix film To the Bone, directed by Marti Noxon, which portrays a young woman struggling with anorexia nervosa. The actress has recently opened up about her own past struggles with the disorder, as well as bulimia. Along with having personal experience with the issue, which she believes helped her performance, Collins worked with a nutritionist to lose weight to prepare for the role. “Just as much as the physical transformation was part of the character, it was also sort of the emotional process of what it takes to get into the mind-set of the disorder,” Collins explains. “So during the transformation, there was never a goal weight or a goal number of pounds to be lost. The physical transformation was always going to be aided by makeup and special effects, because there are a number of scenes in the movie that I obviously was never going to be able to do, and I wouldn’t necessarily want to do.”

Despite dropping weight for the film, Collins, who visited an Anorexics Anonymous group and spoke with medical experts while researching the film, made sure she didn’t lose herself in the disorder once again. “I wanted to portray Ellen the best way that I could and to give my own experiences, but I wanted to view her as a separate character from myself. I made sure to view it as a job, because I didn’t want them to be interwoven. There’s a fine line between being Lily and being the character. I live and breathe the character, but I’m also able to leave it at the door when I leave the set. For this experience, it was also very important that I do that,” says Collins. She adds that Noxon, who has become a good friend, was integral to that process. “Marti made it a huge point to make the set a really fun, positive place to be, and she didn’t want the subject matter to dictate the experience we had on set. I think it was such an important story to tell and conversation to start, but we all wanted to enjoy the process of making the movie. I was still able to go home at the end of the day and still see friends and family and enjoy my life.”

While we can’t wait to see Collins’s performance in To the Bone, Derek Blasberg gave her another momentary break from the subject matter by quizzing her on her design and architecture knowledge in a decor-driven trivia game. Let’s see how she did.

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As you know, Lily stopped by the BBC Radio studios back in May, where she made an appearance on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. It appears that it wasn’t the only appearance she made in the studios that day as it has been recently released a video of her speaking about To The Bone on Woman’s Hour, which you can watch bellow!

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A couple new videos of Lily talking about To The Bone have been released! They were filmed a few days ago during a press junket, as part of the promotion leading up to its release. We will update this post if more interviews from the same day are posted anywhere, so keep an eye out.

In the following videos, Lily explains that there was never a weight goal to achieve while slimming down for her role in To The Bone – it was a decision she made as an actress to change physically for her character, and the intention was not glamourizing, fetichising or showing images that didn’t need to be seen, it was purely about the story. Alex Sharp, her co-star, states he has never suffered from an eating disorder, but he hopes that films like this one help start a conversation and break the unhelpful taboo around the subject.

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Along with Lily’s recent photoshoot, a new video for The Edit was released earlier this week. She hilariously lip syncs to Spice Girls, talks about faking accents at Starbucks, accepts an eyebrow challenge and more. You can (and you should) watch it below!

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Lily visited BBC Radio 2 while promoting Okja and To The Bone in London, and the audio from her interview has just been released. She explains what Okja is about, admiting it brings forward several ethical controversies, and mentioning it got a standing ovation in Cannes – despite the poor reception it initially received for being a Netflix production. She also briefly talked about To The Bone, stating it is the first feature film about eating disorders and that she believes those are issues that need to be talked about so that people suffering with them don’t have to feel alone – including herself. You can hear it below.

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Lilyians! Our girl was last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Okja, which is now streaming on Netflix so make sure to watch it if you haven’t yet! During her talk show appearance Lily spoke about Okja and To The Bone, plus she spoke about how she wanted to become the youngest talk show host when she was younger. Photos of Lily’s appearance have been added to our gallery, along with photos of her arriving to her hotel after the talk show. To wrap up the post, you can also watch the interview bellow which includes a clip from Okja!

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JoBlo has released an interview featuring Paul Dano, Lily Collins and Steven Yuen in which the trio speak about Okja, its script, shooting and more. You can watch it all bellow!

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Netflix has released a featurette video of Okja, which takes us behind the scenes of the movie and includes interviews from some members of the cast. You can watch it bellow, and don’t forget to watch Okja tomorrow on Netflix!

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